Rainy Tuesdays

It’s my fourth Tuesday at Spindleworks and every single one has been rainy. Sunny days and rainy days differ: when the sun is out, Spindleworkers spill onto the porch and fill the pottery studio with laughter and chatter. Rainy days bring more contemplative work, hands moving over looms and papers, eyes glancing up at every thunderclap.

After break I spent the morning in the painting studio. With everything that goes on in Spindleworks, taking a few hours in one place can be focusing, a chance to connect more intimately with the happenings in one room. I worked with Karen on her painting of a red fox. We examined photos of foxes for details that Karen then carefully rendered.

It was satisfying to work one-on-one with an artist, to talk about ideas and to see Karen’s interpretations. I also saw how much Karen enjoyed her work, how pleased she was by its iterations, even though she was often anxious to make marks on her canvas. My morning was a pleasant reminder–process is as important, if not more important than, product.

In other news–Spindleworkers took a field trip to a wood-carver’s studio, there are upcoming workshops, and blue skies on the forecast. Happy Tuesday!

Karen and Caroline working in the painting studio.

Karen and Caroline working in the painting studio.

What a fox!

What a fox!



Yesterday–Wednesday–a handful of Spindleworkers packed into the van and took a breezy drive to Popham Beach. The sand was scattered with shells and the footprints of children recently released into summer vacation. Draped over the warm pillows of sand, the artists sketched and relaxed.

One of the most wonderful aspects of the Spindleworks community is comfort in silence. At Spindleworks, it is always okay to sit quietly by oneself, working and thinking and enjoying. The beach was peaceful, everyone comfortable with their peers and with their own work.

We also enjoyed lunch by the water, and explored Fort Popham. With intrepidness, Micah shone his flashlight into several dark, damp corners of the old stone structure. Back in the sunshine, we climbed to the top tower before driving back to Brunswick!

Today, Bo and Deirdre led a class on linocut printmaking. Printmaking is process-based art, and the artists were learning how to use their tools and plan their final prints. Their test prints were beautiful. All the artists at Spindleworks have their own styles and focuses and it is so wonderful to see their art manifested through different mediums. Of course, the talent and skill of the mentors never fails to impress!

Between the beach, dance class, printmaking, and the St. John’s Bazaar tomorrow, Spindleworkers are relishing summer activities. Most lovely of all, between the bustle of activities and the focus of artwork, there’s still time to sit with friends  chat over lunch by the flowers in the garden.

Sketching with a view.

Sketching with a view.

Denae and Nancy B. from the top tower of Fort Popham!

Denae and Nancy B. from the top tower of Fort Popham!

Everyone in the courtyard!

Everyone in the courtyard!

Bo, with brayer.

Bo, with brayer.


The Spindleworks/Theater Project collaboration, “The Color In Our Leaves,” was performed this past weekend. It featured an ensemble of six Spindleworkers and two community actors. There were both verbal and non-verbal sketches that united humor and poignancy on stage.

The pieces used eloquent choreography, gestures, sound patterns, and words. The ensemble has been working together for many years; their expertise and comfort with each other was evident on stage. The pieces explored the idea of connection–sometimes successful, sometimes not. The title of the first, choreographed piece was “Connections,” many of the other sketches involved hilarious miscommunications. Often, the moments of missed connection were funny while the sketches of successful connection–such as the piece “Dancing with my Father,” were beautiful.

The Spindleworks community supported the wonderful thespians. Seeing the self-satisfaction of the actors was a reminder of how performance, a less common than visual art at Spindleworks, can facilitate self-expression that is quickly communicated to its viewers. In the black box theater, I laughed and applauded, happy to experience another facet of the artistic expression and community building that is generated at Spindleworks.


“Connections”–the actors worked with each other and with props in this silent sketch.


A fishing trip turned into a wild series of miscommunications when the group brought their fresh fish to a restaurant during this sketch!

Happy Tuesday from 7 Lincoln Street! Stay posted for more this week–a visiting artist for lunch, a trip to the beach, art and art and more art…!

A Busy Weekend Ahead at Spindleworks

This weekend, Spindleworks has two great events coming up:

Friday, June 12th from 5-8PM

the new Spindleworks show, “Put A Bird On It,”

is opening as part of the Brunswick Art Walk!

Friday, June 12th and Saturday, June 13th, at 7PM

 “The Color On Our Leaves” will be performed:

an original production in conjunction with the Theater Project

at 14 School Street in Brunswick.

Make sure to come out and support all the wonderful artists!

Today was sun-filled, the warmest day since last August. Lots of people enjoyed lunch outside and the outdoor pottery studio was bustling. There was also a rollicking dance class that slowed down beautifully at the end–Anne Murray’s “Could I Have This Dance” played in celebration of two artists’ thirtieth wedding anniversary this weekend!

Thursday is also the day for Fiber Circle. As always, the artists were churning with amazing skills and creativity. Beautiful art on a beautiful day!




Enjoy the summery weather and we hope to see you at our wonderful events this weekend!

Grey Day, New Beginnings

It’s a gloomy day, an unsure-if-it’s-going-to-rain day, but Spindleworks is alive with colors. There’s a quiet energy inside today, befitting the heavy clouds. Everyone is making.

My name is Penelope, I’m a sophomore from Bowdoin College, and I’m interning at Spindleworks this summer. Like past interns, I’ll be blogging about my experiences and about what’s going on in the studios. This is my second full week at Spindleworks and I’m just starting to get the hang of things–so far just meeting all the artists and mentors, seeing everyone’s work, and feeling the immense creative energy has been a wonderful and interesting experience.

Here’s what I saw today:

Angela makes muted colors in the 3D studio

Angela making muted colors in the 3D studio

Kim and her flowers

Kim and her flowers

Jimmy's rainbows are much brighter than today's sky

Jimmy’s rainbows, much brighter than today’s sky

This past week everyone was in a hustle to get the “Put A Bird on It” show up in the Whatnot Gallery and it looks fantastically feathery.

From 5-8PM this Friday, June 12th, the show will be opening as part of Brunswick’s Second Friday art walk. Make sure to come by and revel in some amazing birds.

Bonnie in the Put a Bird On It Show, admiring other artists' work!

Bonnie in the Put a Bird On It Show, admiring other artists’ work!

Happy Monday everyone! More to come!