Food, Fun, and Fantastic Art on the Coast

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While a bit belated, this post is a thank you- on behalf of all of the Spindleworks artists and staff- to Louise Keifer, Steve Black, and Connie Lundquist for hosting the entire Spindleworks crew last Friday for a day of fun, food, and art on the beautiful Maine coast. Louise Keifer, an avid collector of Spindleworks art and a longtime friend and supporter of the organization, has been opening her home on Orr’s Island to Spindleworks folks for over 20 years. Once a summer, artists enjoy a barbeque and unlimited inspiration quite literally on the edge of the coast. This summer, Steve Black added another destination to the trip- generously opening Capt. Morrill’s- A Community Art Center to host artists and display their work throughout the historic home. As the photos above (taken by artist mentor Denae Spencer) show, it truly was a day of food, fun, and fantastic art!!

Learn more about Capt. Morrill’s Community Art Center here:


Playful Printmaking Part II

IMG_5186 IMG_5128 IMG_5133 IMG_5124 IMG_5130 IMG_5134 IMG_5202

As promised, here are some fabulous photos from the second half of the print and bookmaking workshop! This week, artists turned  the beautiful papers they created last week into covers for 6×9″ blank books. Using a five-hole pamphlet stitch, the artists assembled pages to make unique sketchbooks- soon to be filled with even more art and inspiration! To make your own book using the simple pamphlet stitch, follow these easy-to-use instructions courtesy of Design*Sponge:

Playful Printmaking Workshop

IMG_5061 IMG_5019 IMG_5059 IMG_5029IMG_5015

This week I had the pleasure of leading a workshop that I have been developing over the course of my summer here at Spindleworks. The workshop, consisting of four classes over a span of two weeks, combines printmaking and bookmaking to create handmade sketchbooks/journals. This week of the class was focused on creating the book covers using found objects as stamps. The artists experimented with all sorts of materials- string, marbles, wood pieces, and even bok choy- to develop fun, beautiful abstract prints. It was amazing to see how much personality and variation each of the artists’ prints contained, despite having been created from the same materials. Some of the artists developed their own techniques entirely- adding texture with paper towels, or turning the wood pieces to create a spiral effect. I, for one, am totally excited to see the finished products…stay tuned for more images of the completed books!