Fun at the Farmer’s Market


Yesterday was a beautiful, sunny day at the Brunswick Farmer’s Market, and the Spindleworks crew was in good spirits- drawing, hula-hooping, and sharing their work with the community. Most Tuesdays, a small group of artists and staff set up a sort of “pop-up shop” alongside the many local vendors to display (and hopefully sell) some of their art. Above all, the farmer’s market outings provide the opportunity for artists to engage with the greater community and, likewise, for community members to meet the amazing local artists of Spindleworks. As artist Kim Christensen remarks, “I like when people stop and talk to us and don’t judge, and say that we do beautiful work”. Kim is a very active participant in the farmer’s market outings, and does a wonderful job handing out brochures and peaking the interest of those who have never heard of Spindleworks before. So next Tuesday, if you are out and about shopping for produce, stop by the Spindleworks stall and say hello! As artist Nancy Bassett said after the outing, “I want to do it again!”


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