Our Trip to Popham


I went with three other artists and Angie to Popham Beach today. We stopped at a farmer’s stand on the way and Angie went and got strawberries. We laid our blankets on the beach, but I sat in a chair. We walked around on the sand, and some of us went in the water, but I didn’t- it was too cold!! We were mostly walking around taking pictures, and the sand was really hot. I took pictures of people, shells, the mountains, and the water. Many people on the beach were in the water and some of them were flying kites. Seagulls were flying around looking for food. We all had lunch at the beach and luckily we avoided the gulls! It was low tide and there were lots of designs on the sand- some of them looked like waves and some like tracks. Kids were making tiny sandcastles. It was very pretty outside, although a little chilly. We all had a lot of fun looking for shells and taking pictures!

At Spindleworks, we try to do trips like this once a month to draw pictures and take photos. It’s also a time to get out of the studios and walk around.

-M.C., artist at Spindleworks


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